Writing A CV to Get You That Dream Job

How do you write that CV that is bound to get you the job you have been dreaming of. How do you create a CV that will get you interviews seems overwhelming, particularly in a market that is highly competitive.  But it is even harder when you have a substandard CV.  In other to succeed in a market that is that competitive, your CV must be impactful.  How do you then make your CV impactful?

Below Are Some Tips to Help You

  • The most important thing to consider when writing a CV is to ensure that you did not miss out the important part such as your name, email, contact phone and this should be clearly stated at the top of the CV.
  • The first page of your CV must grab the reader’s attention.  You have less than 20 seconds to grab the attention of the reader. Make sure that your skills relevant to the job you are applying for is highlighted.
  • Another important aspect is the personal statement; this is the one of the most important part of you CV that makes you to stand out from the crowd.  This should be a short paragraph that tells the employer what you are looking for and what you are bringing to the table. 
  • Highlight your work experience, list the most recent to include the job title, name of the organisation, the dates and your responsibilities.
  • Highlight your key achievements, how you have added value in your present and previous roles and your transferable skills.
  • You should list your education along with the dates and the type of qualification.
  • Make it clean and simple, have you heard of the word “Less is more” ensure your titles and content are clear, bold heading and bullet points because if you don’t have a good CV, the other pages of your CV won’t get read.
  • Ensure the CV showcases the skills in the job description.
  • Make sure that your do not send generic CV, each CV should be targeted to each job you are applying to. 
  • It is preferable that your CV is not more than 2 pages, but for someone who has vast experience like a director, it will be longer than two pages. make it short and tidy as possible.
  • Use bullet points and avoid the use of first person pronoun. Instead of using I did this and that, say like for example, managed, directed, supervised etc. 
  • UsebBullet points because it makes your CV easy to read.
  • Use simple English and avoid copying someone’s CV from the internet.
  • Use Action Verbs because it will make your CV more impactful. E.g. managed, directed, increased, launched, implemented. 
  • Ensure consistency, you must be consistent throughout your CV.  The formatting, styles and language used must be consistent.
  • Avoid generic words on your CV, such as flexible, motivated, detail-oriented, multi-task, excellent communications etc, should be avoided.
  • Go through the CV again and have someone double check it for you.

Your CV is the first point of contact with the employer and you need to make an impression at a glance.  Recruiters only need to glance at your CV for seconds to know whether or not you are worth the time.  How do you then catch the attention of the recruiter at a glance? 

I have seen a lot of CVs which makes me say it is no wonder no one is responding to your application.  The CV is not fit for the very competitive market.  Recruiters are busy, some of them receive hundreds of CVs which makes it harder for them. That is why your CV must be one of the ones that will catch the attention of that busy recruiter. The CV will make that employer or recruiter be one doing the chasing. 

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