What are the Benefits of Studying in the UK?​

Studying in the UK is one of the greatest steps that any international student could ever take.  According to the British Council, every year more than 400,000 international students from 200 countries come to study in the United Kingdom for their higher education.  This is because UK universities and colleges provide world-class higher education, and qualifications and are well respected by employers and academics worldwide.

Benefits of Studying of UK Qualification

  • An investment for life that will give you a brilliant future.
  • Whatever your interest or choice of course, be rest assured that you will find a course in the UK.
  • You are free to practice your religion. No matter your faith, universities, and colleges have prayer rooms that will allow you if you need to, to say your prayers.
  • You can get a degree in the UK in a shorter period than in the other countries (3 years instead of 4 years in other countries). This in the long run will save you a lot from the reduction in the number of years that are required to complete your education.
  • You can make use of a lot of scholarships and grants available for international students. There are lots of scholarships and bursaries that international students can avail of, all you need to do is to do your research or ask your agent if you are applying through one to see if you can avail of it.
  • A world-class education that is bound to give you a qualification that is recognised and respected globally. 
  • Outstanding teaching and facilities that have been created to meet the strict quality standards set by the UK government.
  • The UK is recognised for its scientific and creative innovation, coming to study in the UK means you will be learning alongside some of the world’s top intellectual achievers.
  • A qualification that will accord you an opening of doors to career dreams and aspirations.
  • An opportunity to network and gain contacts for building your career. 
  • You will further develop life-long learning skills.
  • Your training will equip you to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world.
  • UK student visa is one of the easiest to obtain than for other countries. 
  • Compared to other countries, the living and health- care costs are far cheaper.
  • You are bound to feel at home in the UK because it is a multi-cultural environment and also an opportunity to make friends with students from other countries.
  • You can never get bored because you will have lots of interesting activities outside of study that will be of interest to you. For example, an opportunity to enjoy yourself by visiting the beautiful countryside, easy access to other European countries in less than an hour, visit the art galleries, markets, and pubs, and a whole lot more fun activities.
  • Whatever your interest or choice, of course, be rest assured that you will find a course in the UK.
  • You can stay back to work after the completion of your course.  Check out the best tips for applying

Save Money While Gaining Life Skills

Courses in the UK universities as opposed to other destinations of education for international students are shorter, for example, three years and not four years as it is in other countries.  This means students can get the most out of their studies as quickly as possible thereby saving money and time. 

You will receive a personalised approach to learning.  Students are encouraged to develop their intellectual skills and personal qualities needed for their future life and career.  An environment that allows for students to thrive by being creative and always bringing their ideas to the table. 

Creativity, problem-solving along with analytical ability are the most essential skills needed to succeed in any work environment irrespective of the organisation.  These skills are actively encouraged and developed using the style of teaching in UK institutions.  


Teaching and Learning Methods

Giving you the benefits of studying in the UK will be incomplete without letting you know about the UK teaching and learning methods.  The UK has designed its teaching methods in such a way that allows students to develop independent thinking, personal skills, and confidence. It is largely based upon deep subject learning through wide reading on the subject.  For example, you will:

  • Be challenged to utilise critical thinking, questioning, and analysis.  Be prepared to do lots of research and lots of reading.  This is because you will mostly be asked to work with others and then present your knowledge in front of the class.  This form of teaching allows for independence, critical thinking, and reasoning, analytical and problem-solving abilities.  
  • You will mostly have to present and discuss ideas and opinions with teachers and fellow students.  this means you will be allowed to always contribute your knowledge, understanding, and personal ideas in tutorials, seminars, and teamwork;
  • You will develop confidence and original thought because you are given the freedom to explore and bring your opinion and knowledge to the classroom.  
  • If you are the shy type, be prepared to face the classroom from time to time because you will have to express yourself through constant essays, presentations, and projects.
  • When coming to study in the UK, you must be prepared to adapt to a new learning method because it is different from what you are used to in your own country. Courses in the UK entails lots of seminars, workshops, presentation, and research.  This is to help you to develop the skills that are mostly sought after by employers.  This means you must be prepared to read widely.  You must be ready to question, analyze, discuss and challenge ideas in seminars and tutorials.  This should however not discourage you because there are many resources put in place to help you adapt and make your learning experience as comfortable and as easy as possible.

Universities Well-Developed Services for All Students in the form of:

  • Access to dedicated international offices;
  • Unparalleled welfare support;
  • Personal student counsellor advisors;
  • Academic support;
  • Accommodation offices for all your accommodation needs;
  • International student societies to make you feel at home;
  • You can join clubs, hobbies, and special interest societies;
  • 24/7 access to the institution’s websites and facilities.

Everything has been designed to make you adapt to the new environment easily and comfortably.  For example, you will be assigned a buddy through the Buddy Schemes.  The Buddy Scheme is a programme designed by institutions where an old student who knows their way around the school is assigned to befriend the new students.  The buddy will show the new students the robes to make the first few weeks to months as comfortable as possible.

As an international student, you will be assigned tutors whose role is to provide academic advice, guidance on support services, and, where needed, personal counselling.  As a student who probably is leaving home for the first time and going through some difficult times, there are counsellors whose job is to counsel you and direct you to the resources needed to help you get through that difficult times. 

The support of the university to help international students with any other problems like transport, private accommodation, opening a bank account, where to buy specific items, health matters including mental health and how to register with a local Doctor, known as the General Practitioner (GP). And everything needed to feel at home and settle in.

Last but not the least, as an international student coming to study in the UK, you can avail of the scholarship and bursaries.  What are scholarships and bursaries? A scholarship is a fee reduction of fees given to students because of excellence in certain activities such as academic work or music.  Some scholarships may be for all the fees while some of the scholarships are more limited.  All scholarships have criteria for eligibility. The bursary, on the other hand, is financial support that is given to students who cannot afford the fee.  We will talk more indebtly about scholarships and bursaries in one of the subsequent articles. 

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